April 26, 2019
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Walk through some wonders of the world in India's waste-to-art park

New Delhi, Feb 9 (efe-epa).- There is Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Egypt's great Pyramid - as you walk through a park in the Indian capital that is housing its own versions of some of the iconic monuments of the world.

But they are just the replicas made out of tonnes of waste of discarded vehicle parts and throw-away objects to create the miniatures of the monuments and put on display in the waste-to-art park in the heart of New Delhi.

The sprawling Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van has been converted into "Wonders of the World Park" - an open museum to house the replicas of the historic structures, including India's own Taj Mahal, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) and the Coliseum (Italy).

The park is set to open its gates to the public in the coming weeks. However, a date is yet to be fixed for the inauguration.

All the statues have been made using waste and unusable parts, Niten Mehta, director of YaWeDo, the group that provided the artists, told EFE.

A team of 60 workers, 10 permanent and 12 visiting artists specialized in creation of structures and facial expressions - worked with a wide range of materials, from pieces of automobiles to old benches - all supplied by the local authorities - to create the pieces of art.

"If you see the Taj Mahal, in the four minarets there are actually 1,600 cycle rims which have been cut into small tiles and that is why you get the tiling effect. There are 3.500 tyre rims that have been cut and used in the Coliseum and the Tower of Pisa," said Mehta.

In a special touch, the dome of the Taj Mahal is made up of circular pieces from pipes to allow light pass through, creating a unique effect.

"Initially, (the structures) were supposed to be painted like the original ones. So the Taj Mahal was supposed to be white, the Redeemer was supposed to be grey, the Tower of Pisa was supposed to be white," the YaWeDo director said.

"But then during the process we realized the structures look so beautiful in the scrap look."

This way, Mehta said, the public could "enjoy the process" of the creation as paint would not conceal the materials used to shape these miniatures of historic monuments.

Director of Horticulture Department at South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Alok Singh, recalled how they would find wires and pipes while digging when the work first started, since the park is built on a landfill.

"We started our project in the month of September, but that was monsoon time in Delhi. So we faced a lot of problem because this site is also a landfill site, underneath this soil you will find all trash material," Singh told EFE.

The hurdles were overcome and the structure was ready by the end of January. Only lighting was left to be completed, which would make the structures glow at night.

The structures - the smallest one being the Coliseum with a height of five meters (16.4 feet) and a diameter of 16 meters, and the tallest being the Eiffel Tower at 21.3 meters - have been laid out amid little hillocks, trees, fountains and pathways - all of which cost a little over $1 million to build.

"When you are seeing one monument you should not see some other monument, so you will concentrate on that monument only. There should be no distraction, that is why we have made some hill-like soils and planted trees in a way that it screens out other things," Singh said.

By Noemi Jabois

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