June 25, 2019
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Custo Barcelona, Natti Natasha bring rebellious glamour to NY Fashion Week

New York, USA, Feb 9 (efe-epa).- Spanish designer Custo Dalmau, founder of fashion house Custo Barcelona, supported by Dominican artist Natti Natasha, on Saturday presented his desire for rebellious glamour, which breaks with established rules, with colorful pieces in which metalized and novel fabrics dominated, at the New York Fashion Week.

The catwalk of Manhattan's crowded Pier 59 Studio featured a total of 56 looks from this fall winter collection, "Insta Glam", in which the Caribbean singer, considered one of the stars of today's reggaeton, exhibited her model attributes.

The selection of garments displayed by Natti Natasha are a good representation of the Catalan couturier's collection, in which he seeks to extol the femininity of women with unconventional designs made up of shiny materials, geometric shapes and very intense tones.

"We think that the market has become very commercial and we try to provide glamour with our use of a fusion of materials and colors", Custo Dalmau told EFE, who has taken his designs to the city of skyscrapers for the last 24 years.

The couturier, he insists, wants to create "emotion" among women so that they continue filling their wardrobe with unconventional clothes and move away from the more commercial lines that other couturiers and textile companies opt for.

"We use experimental forms that together with the fusion of materials, some very technical and others very handmade, follow this contemporary image", said the fashion designer shortly before the parade.

Custo used brightness as the guiding thread of "Insta Glam", in which a clear palette of autumn and winter colours could be seen in dresses with straight lines, but also low asymmetric lines in midi length or above the knee.

For his part, the young designer Christian Siriano was a clear example of how the eagerness for exclusivity - usually seen on the catwalks - can lead to an organizational failure, when his show, which was delayed for more than an hour, had to start without a good number of expected guests.

The show was held at the top of the Rockefeller Center, one of the most luxurious but also oldest skyscrapers in the Big Apple, so there are only three elevators that could not do their job quickly enough.

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